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Ford SRP 460 FLAT TOP & INVERTED DOME 460 Inverted Dome Designed for M-6049 -SCJ HEADS - Piston Kit

Price: $569.98

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  • Bore
  • Comp. Ht.
  • Volume Dome CC
  • 4.39mm = 0.173in 1.35 -33.0cc
  • 4.44mm = 0.175in 1.35 -36.4cc

Weight: 0.01 lb

Sku: 345658




  • 4032 low expansion high silicon aluminum alloy heat treated to SRP specifications
  • CNC Machined ring grooves accept 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 rings (Rings Sold Seperately)
  • Includes wrist pin see footnotes for diameter
    E =.990 x 2.930 x .150 straight wall
    F =1.040 x 2.930 x .150 straight wall.



Top Compression Ring Thickness 0.0640
Second Compression Ring Thickness 0.0640
Oil Ring Thickness 0.218
Forging Type FSR
Series SRP
Piston Head Type Inv Dome/Dish
Pin Diameter (IN) 0.990
Wrist Pin Style - floating or press fit Floating
Wall Thickness (IN) 0.150
Ringset Part Number S100S8-4390-5
Ring Brand ProSeal
Ringset Included No
Retainer Thickness 0.042
Retainer Lock Style Spiro Lock
Retainer Lock Part Number 990-042-CS
Retainer Diameter (IN) 0.990
Piston Pin Inside Diameter 0.690
Piston Material 4032
Piston Pin Length (IN) 2.930
Pin Offset No
Pin Brand JE Pistons
Pin Part Number 990-2930-15-51S
Pin Included Yes
Pin Diameter (mm) 25.15
Oil Rail Support Part Number (If Required) 4375-193
Oil Rail Support Included Yes
Oil Rail Radial Wall 0.193
Deck Clearance 0.000
Brand SRP